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This bakery is soo good. The lady behind the counter is a sweet heart. She is very accommodating and will help you figure out what you need Anytime I am in the area I make it my mission to stop by. They have really good cannolis, brownies (peanut butter on is incredible!!!) and cookies. My birthday is coming up, I am thinking of asking them to make me a cake.
Maria F.
Awesome bakery! Brought two cakes and Fresh bread to a Christmas party, and they were a huge hit. Plenty of options for muffins, cookies, and breads. Definitely refer them to friends and family in the area.
Cayce S.
Bakery had cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, sticky buns etc.. I got two cupcakes. Strawberry shortcake and a chocolate one. The strawberry shortcake was very good even had creme in the middle with strawberries. The chocolate had chocolate mousse with also a hard chocolate shell. It was also filled inside with chocolate filling. Both cupcakes were really good. Total for both was $7.00 , not bad at all. Must go back and try something else.
Tara M.
When you cross the threshold at Moester's Bakery, a warm delicious feeling envelops you. Cases are filled with a very varied buffet of baked goods. Cookies, some dipped in chocolate and sprinkles(central, north Jersey)or jimmies (central, south Jersey) can be found as a next door neighbor to cookies with icing and decoration for whatever holiday is next on the calendar. One shelf below you will find some wet, moist cinnamon buns, with or without raisins. If you are not a fan of gooey cinnamon buns, you need only use your peripheral vision to hone in on multiple crumb cake options, turnovers, or beautiful cakes found center stage where they belong, displaying the varied talents the owner's and staff of Moester's possess. The large square pass-through window found on the shared wall of the front retail area and actual bakery magic happens here space, gives customers an added level of satisfaction in the transparency these artisans allow all to view. Another sign of their understanding how details matter can be seen in their process of individually wrapping the crumb cakes, aiding in keeping your items fresh for more than twenty-four hours post purchase. Ample parking removes any access issues and credit cards are accepted. While some may feel that the prices for these sumptuous goodies are a bit high, these individuals need to obtain a greater baked good understanding, including the most obvious; Moester's really does understand when and how it is "time to make" the donuts.