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Moester's Bakery, located on Main Street in Manahawkin has been serving the community delicious treats and appetizing platters since January 1st, 2005 and now, they are gearing up for another great holiday season! Moester's Bakery offers everything from hand-decorated cookies to wedding cakes and is ready to customize your special occasion cake, pie or pastry to exceed your wildest expectations!

Moester's most popular special occasion cakes during the holidays are always their delectable cannoli cakes, carrot cakes and pumpkin cakes, completed with maple, cream-cheese icing. In demand are also their Italian Rum Cakes and Tiramisu Cakes; a treat to be added to your holiday desserts.

"We also make a Yule Log Cake, which is beautiful," Moe Snyder, baker and co-owner along with her husband, George Snyder said, "It makes a great centerpiece for your table and it also tastes delicious!" The Yule Log cake, on top of adding to your holiday cheer as a tradition, is also customizable. According to Moe, customers can choose to have chocolate mousse, raspberry or other choices from Moester's plethora of fillings, inserted into the middle of their Yule Log Cake.

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Each and every cake that is available at Moester's Bakery comes with an array of options. Customers can choose everything from their cake sizes, to icings, including sugar free whip, chocolate mousse and double chocolate fudge, to the filings, which include chocolate custard, cherries and bananas, all packed inside either a rum cake, brownie cake, Oreo cake or countless other options!

In addition to flavor preferences, the decoration for your special occasion cake is truly magnificent! According to Moe, their process for creating such one-of-a-kind, beautiful cake is a team effort. The owner, George, creates the design, while Carlos Munŏz Moravilla bakes all of the cakes and Allie Piazza, their cake decorator, does an amazing job in completing the work of art. "Carlos can bake all of this stuff blindfolded," Moe said, "And Allie is very talented!"

To ensure your order is exactly how you imagine it, Moester's prefers that customers order their specialty cakes with at least twenty-four hours notice.

"We pretty much design it when the customer comes in," Moe said, "And we don't just do special occasion cakes, we also do special occasion pies!" With distinctive flavors such as Apple Cranberry, Tri Pie (apple, blueberry and cherry), Mince Meat and Chocolate Cream, there is sure to be a pie flavor to fit the tastes of every holiday guest! "All of our pies are made here," Moe said, "We make our own special pie crust!"

Moester's is also fully equipped and ready to create your exclusive wedding cake, exactly how you envision it! They will make that extremely important part of your big day come alive for you and your significant other! 

If you are looking for something other than a special occasion cake or pie for your holiday plans, Moester's Bakery also creates their own fresh pastries. "We recently just started to sell Cannoli chips with the Cannoli cream in the containers and that's really fun for a party," Moe said. 

"During the holidays, we do hundreds of cookie trays! In fact, we have people who come from Toms River just for our cookie trays and we also offer in-depth, amazingly artistic turkey, reindeer and Santa decorated cupcakes! " Moe commented.  

For more information about Moester's Bakery, visit their website, call (609) 597-1430 or stop in to experience the feel of a good-old-fashioned community bakery!